For the time being, I am unable to offer any kind of support for the ICE software packages, free or commercial. I will continue to provide upgrades and bug fixes though.

Thank you,
July 26th, 2000

As with most free software, support is limited. You may contact me with bug reports and feature requests, but I have a full time job and cannot help you set up your CGI scripts. I will try to improve the FAQ constantly to help you along as much as I can.

For commercial support billed at $50US per hour, you can also contact Donna Jaggard. This is often the quickest way to get your search engine up and running on your website.

If you want to learn more about CGI scripting, take a look at the Webmaster's Handbook. The book has also been translated into German, French, Italian, and Dutch.

Freeware? Shareware? Beerware?

ICE is free software for individuals, schools, and universities. If you really like it, or if you want to inspire new features or enhancements, you may feel free to send me a token of appreciation. This could e.g. be a sample of your favorite beer, music, or literature - or even a postcard from your home town.

If you use ICE on a commercial server, or install it as a commercial service for your customer, I politely request that you make a donation of at least USD 75 to Greenpeace or the WWF. Come on, it's tax deductable! :-)


This code is free, but copyrighted. No liability whatsoever is accepted for any loss or damage of any kind resulting from any defect or inaccuracy in this information or code.

Feel free to modify the forms frontend according to your needs, but please leave the pointer to the ICE homepage in there, so that people can always find an up to date version of the software.

Future directions

This version of ICE supports ISO latin-1 encoding. I have decided against a fully inverted index, its only advantage would have been proximity searches.

Due to the nature of CGI communication, a search service implemented as a Perl script is not as efficient as I'd like - every time a request is being made, the complete index file has to be loaded, which takes up a significant amount of time. An alternative would be running a seperate server process, but this would make installation a lot more difficult, and break compatibility with the low cost boxes running MacOS and Windos.

Instead, if there is sufficient demand, I will write a free high performance search frontend to ICE based on Apple's very excellent WebObjects software (deployment will require an installation of WebObjects).

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